Covid-19 Statement

2020 and 2021 have been challenging years for the entire world as we navigate this ever-changing pandemic.  Much preparation has taken place to ensure Special Care Homes in New Brunswick are prepared, supported, and operating with the utmost emphasis on safety, while ensuring quality care services are maintained for our residents.

The two provincial associations have worked in unison with the multiple government departments and have continued to have your back with regards to ensuring proper supply to PPE, additional funding for your staff, financial subsidy to assist with additional costs related to COVID, securing funding, and helping prepare a comprehensive Operational Plan template (reach out to your association and we will forward you the link) that you can edit for your own personal use, and much much more.

Although our province has experienced a few outbreaks and unfortunately some deaths due to this disease, we are extremely grateful for our thousands of dedicated employees and hundreds of operators that have stayed the course and worked so hard to keep our residents and each other as safe as possible.

We have also assisted, alongside the Department of Social Development and the Extra-Mural Program of NB, in ensuring you have direct access to the most up-to-date COVID-19 information, statistics, vaccine clinic protocol, inspection protocols and preparedness, and many other helpful ways.

Our residents and their families and friends have experienced major interruptions in their time spent together.  However, due to the incredible dedication and organizational ability of our operators, every effort has been made to ensure access to each other.  The most up-to-date guidance information can be accessed at

Provincial visiting protocols for each phase and accurate tools for operators and staff to help with increased infection control practices, isolation methods, reporting requirements, and many other topics can be accessed in this guidance document and also through directly contacting your association.

General public are encouraged to also view the visitation guidelines prepared by GNB at

If operators are looking for help with completing their own operational plan for their residence please feel free to contact your association.

Take care everyone, and be safe

Board of Directors, NBSCHA