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Welcome to New Brunswick Special Care Home Association Inc

Providing quality, cost effective services for seniors and adults with disabilities in cooperation with the Department of Social Development. We strive to promote and develop awareness throughout New Brunswick of the great service our special care homes provide. We are operators too, and therefore understand the immense dedication and commitment involved in running a home. We are here to offer ideas to help you provide the best possible environment for your residents and staff, while help you succeed with your business.

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We are dedicated to protecting the rights of our workers and advocate for equitable wages and benefits for our workers.


We aim to provide standardized education and training that is in line with the needs and demands of our industry.


We work with the government and other stakeholders on special projects in order to improve the sector as a whole.


We work with various government departments to ensure appropriate standards and regulations are implemented while communicating directly with the sector.

What Families Are Saying?

Some warm reviews from family members who have their loved ones in some of our special care homes.!