What questions should I ask operators when enquiring about a placement?

When enquiring about a placement, always make sure to ask essential questions before deciding. Here are some questions you should consider:

How will you help build life skills?

Do I have access to a telephone where I can speak in private?

Do I have access to the internet?

Are you able to provide me with a menu?

Will you be able to accommodate my special diet?

What time do you provide meals?

Do you have a bedtime or a quiet time?

What training does your staff have?

What activities do you offer?

When experiencing challenging behaviours from residents, how would operator/staff handle the situation?

How do you transport clients?

Is there local transportation handy to your home? Example: handi bus, transit buses or taxi

Will you transport to religious venues?

Do you have visiting hours or open door policy?

Can I visit my loved one privately in their room or only inn open common areas?

Will it be a single room or shared room?

Do you charge more than the government rate?

Do you provide cable in the bedrooms?

Do you have stairs in your building that I will have to use?

Can I bring my own personal belongings?

Can I put up my own pictures on the walls?

What furniture is provided in the bedroom?

Am i expected to purchase over the counter medications? Example: Tylenol for a headache?

What are your next steps?

To access a full Long Term Care Assessment through Social Development, please gather your personal information together (address, medicare number, date of birth, etc.). Also, Call Social Development- 1-833-733-7835. Choose the option that says "apply for long term care". Your information will be collected and the call will take approximately 10-15 minutes.

Within 5-10 days you should be contacted for an appointment and they will require additional financial information in order to complete your assessment and appoint you a Social Worker.

You will also be given a list of special care homes to call but our new website NBSCHA has a quick search method for the public. ( * PLEASE NOTE THESE HOMES ARE ALL MEMBERS OF OUR ASSOCIATION)

Other Options: You may already have an idea of which Special Care Home you would like to choose. If so, feel free to reach out to the operator for assistance with the assessment process. Our province also offers a "Private Pay" option for those persons who prefer not to access assistance through the Department of Social Development, but rather choose to pay for the care themselves. Additionally, your care needs may be temporary in nature, therefore you can reach out to your preferred facility and check the availability for a Relief/Respite and Convalescent Care bed. If you have a Social Worker already, this option can be as inexpensive as $10/day and you can stay for up to 30 days at a time or 90 days in a calendar year.